What is medical coated paper like?

Release Time:

16 Nov,2022

Medical coated paper is mainly used for medical packaging to protect the quality of medical products, prevent their oxidation and deterioration, and improve the stability of the products. Let's take a look at the quality standards of medical coated paper.

There are strict requirements for the quality of medical coated paper. The surface appearance should be kept clean and smooth, and the paint should be symmetrical. The above text and pattern printing is correct, clear and firm. Medical adhesive coated paper should not have dense and continuous pinholes. At the same time, there will be no color difference between different batches of medical aluminum foil. If the color is different, it is called a substandard product.

Medical packaging meets the expectations of medical product manufacturers and demonstrates compliance with expected quality standards by integrating quality management systems and good manufacturing practices in the production process.

The traceability of medical coated paper means that the supplier knows exactly where their product is flowing from and what raw materials it is made from. The traceability of medical coated paper is key to protecting the health of patients and everyone else. If there is any problem, the raw material and production safety of CNC cutting machine can be traced back to the customer.

1. If any vulnerability is found, the manufacturer can easily investigate the cause of the problem and then use the quality control system to search for initial errors and vulnerabilities and fix the problem.

2. In addition, it means that the source and quality of raw materials are safe and the process of products and production processes are documented to avoid risks in the process.

3. If defects are found in the raw material, the manufacturer can inform all customers in the market and can avoid the risk of applying non-conforming materials in the market. What are the materials used in medical adhesive coated paper?

In response to the excessive proliferation of packaging in the market, the packaging industry is required to strictly check the quality of commonly used products and materials. In the medical industry, material regulations for medical adhesive coated paper are becoming increasingly stringent. Medical adhesive coated paper places the necessary instruments into the packaging bag. After sealing, the microorganisms in the pouch can be killed by physical or chemical methods in the device. During the expiration date, the equipment is placed in a sterile bag.

Medical coated paper should also be stored with low-density polyethylene bags for inner packaging. During storage, attention should be paid to a clean and ventilated storage area, and the medical foil paper should be protected from moisture, humidity and sunlight. Naturally, it also needs to be protected from mold and dust. Remember that medical coated paper is very soft and cannot withstand forces. To maintain its service life, keep these requirements in mind during use! Medical coated paper is not common in people's lives, and hospital staff can often see it. In order to maintain the stability of medical products, the production of medical coated paper must be careful.

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