What is the difference between chemical raw materials and chemical products

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16 Dec,2022

What role does medical coated paper play in the medical industry? Why does it delaminate?

Medical coated paper is a container used to package medical supplies. To many people, this does not seem important. But without medical coated paper, the world of medical technology wouldn't be as advanced as it is today!

Medical coated paper not only destroys bacteria, but also performs aseptic operations to block microorganisms such as PM2.5 it also maintains a sterile packaging system within the system continuously, so these functions reflect its importance in the medical industry.

Not only that, from raw material testing to production to manufacturing to packaging, ultraviolet light kills bacteria to prevent them from remaining on it, and then check for breakage, air leakage, and degumming.

Without medical coated paper, the cleanliness of all medical supplies and tools in the medical industry would be substandard.

Medical coated paper has good fragrance retention performance, low fragrance transmission rate, can maintain the fragrance of specific contents for a long time, with good gas barrier, waterproof, light barrier and fragrance retention performance. Medical coated paper not only has a strong isolation effect on oxygen and water vapor, but also can block almost all ultraviolet, visible light and infrared induction, which can increase the shelf life and storage period of specific contents. Medical paper-plastic bags can prevent food or its contents from erosion and deterioration due to moisture absorption, air permeability, shading and other factors. Therefore, it is a very good choice as the outer packaging of food and other goods that need to be kept for a long time.

The reasons for delamination of medical coated paper are as follows:

1. There is a problem with the ink or strong adhesive.

2. The amount of epoxy curing agent does not meet the requirements.

3. Black ink or strong adhesive has no vitality or mixed with expired invalid residue.

4. Drying time does not meet the requirements, short time and chemical cross-linking is not sufficient to reduce the heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance of the ink layer.

5. The temperature resistance of the ink or glue is not good enough, resulting in sticky pressure strength. In this regard, it is due to the choice of commercial raw materials. For example, the heat resistance of ink and strong glue is likely to be insufficient.

6. This cause is likely to be that the ink city, glue and film do not match, but also the adaptability of raw materials. Adhesive selection is not reasonable easily caused by printing, composite drying after the bonding color fastness is low, may also cause delamination. Then why is the internal structure PA and Al-Pt no problem? Since the inner adhesive layer is maintained by the Al-Pt layer, it is not easily eroded by water.

Normally, the medical coated paper is sealed and the closure is printed on the outer packaging surface. The bag liner is printed on one side. According to the outer package side, the printing is reassembled, the printing is not exposed and the printed tones can be maintained.