Chemical raw materials industry definition and classification, chemical raw materials industry chain and market competition pattern

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26 Dec,2022

It takes some time from the end of the procedure to the patient's use, during which time medical packaging plays a very important role in maintaining the sterility of the goods. Without qualified packaging, there will be no qualified sterile items, what are the characteristics of the general medical coated paper?

1. Medical coated paper provides a microbial barrier: A microbial barrier ensures that microorganisms cannot penetrate the package and contaminate the contents. In addition, microorganisms can spread through liquids such as water, so the liquid resistance of the packaging material is also critical to microbial invasion.

2. Medical coated paper allows permeation and sedimentation factors: packaging materials need to be able to allow air penetration and media penetration and sedimentation, a tight grid or weave pattern may cause penetration or sedimentation difficulties, which can lead to potential problems.

3. Medical coated paper anti-tear and puncture: Once the package is torn or perforated, it may contaminate the contents of the package and bring potential danger to the sterile area, in addition, broken or perforated packaging needs to be reprocessed, which not only delays the department's use of the product, but also wastes time, manpower, material and financial resources.

4. Medical coated paper flexibility: items from delivery to use should be kept sterile, requiring non-woven and other packaging materials hanging without rebound, to avoid secondary contamination of items.

5. Medical coated adhesive paper lint-free/low lint: the length and width of lint, etc., are much larger than bacteria and viruses, so the lint or fiber can become a carrier of microorganisms, in addition, they may absorb detergents, disinfectants, etc., so their presence may lead to serious complications.

6. Medical adhesive coated paper abrasion resistance: Once the fabric is worn, it may lead to flocculation, weakened filtration barrier and weakened resistance to liquids, the stronger the abrasion resistance of the packaging material, the more durable it is.

7. medical coated paper flame retardant: the United States every year about 100 surgical fires, operating room ignition sources and oxidizers are normal, so the fuel source becomes an important factor in fire control, therefore, it is important to use materials with strong flame retardancy, sterile packaging system not only needs to have the above characteristics, but also needs to achieve a balance of these characteristics in order to become a suitable packaging options, therefore, in the selection of medical packaging materials, should be a comprehensive consideration of its various performance attributes.