Medical laminate film applications and packaging advantages

Release Time:

27 Sep,2022

With economic losses due to corrosion estimated to be about 3% to 4% of the total economy, medical laminate films are especially important, so let's learn more about medical laminate film applications and packaging advantages.

There are many ways to prevent or mitigate corrosion. For example, using electrochemical protection, or using film as a barrier against corrosive media such as moisture and oxygen. One of the common and economical methods of corrosion protection is to apply a system of anticorrosive coatings to the metal, creating a barrier between the metal and the corrosive medium. In addition, electrochemical protection can be added to the coating by adding zinc, for example. There are many anticorrosive coatings that have good performance in corrosive environments.

As the safety of the drug itself is important, the performance of the external packaging materials is also very demanding, especially the barrier performance of the packaging materials to external water vapor can effectively prevent the drug from deliquescence. In addition to traditional Chinese medicine tablets and low-grade perforated agent packaging, medical composite film mostly containing pure aluminum foil composite film material, medical composite film packaging can be used as the outer packaging bag of powder drugs or blister packaging base material, in addition to the drug packaging with beautiful and good texture, there are important advantages of packaging materials to water vapor barrier performance is generally expressed in water vapor permeability, the lower the value, the better moisture resistance, the drug is not The lower the value, the better the moisture resistance, the drug is not easy to moisture degradation.

With the growing application of laser applications, the medical composite film industry has further improved, and laser processing has become the new process standard for PE, PVC, PETD and other film processing industries. For the film packaging industry proposed laser alternative to mechanical processing technology, designed for film easy to break silk, quantitative air and design, with fast coding speed, easy to operate equipment, stable performance, long life and other characteristics.

Medical composite film provides excellent barrier to corrosive media. By copolymerization with PVC, excellent barrier property, durability of acrylate and soft and uniform film formation can be formed. The tackifier is good as a corrosion-resistant primer and is particularly suitable for low to moderate atmospheric corrosive environments. Medical laminate film has the advantages of fast drying, barrier, and flavor retention compared to traditional laminate packaging. It is used for food, medicine, daily use, and products requiring packaging experience.

The above introduction is the medical composite film application and packaging advantages, for more information, please feel free to contact us.