Advantages of Medical Laminating Film

Release Time:

27 Oct,2022

Medical composite film is widely used in food, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, etc. because of the soft texture of aluminum, good ductility, silvery luster, can be made with sodium silicate, etc. The rolled sheet is mounted on offset paper to make aluminum foil sheet and printed, so the following together to understand the advantages of medical composite film!

Traditional medical composite film is disinfected at high temperature during the production process, but the current medical composite film has poor thermal insulation, and the temperature of disinfection should not be too high. Otherwise, the medical composite film will be burned by high temperature and cannot achieve good disinfection effect. The thermal insulation performance of traditional medical composite film needs to be improved. Secondly, in the process of transportation, sale and use of medical composite film, bacteria may adhere to the inner and outer surfaces of the packaging composite film, causing pollution.

Traditional medical composite film anti-aging performance is relatively poor, in storage, transportation, use process is prone to aging, aging composite film can not provide sustainable protection of drugs; In addition, aging composite film easy to stick stolen, contaminated tablets, so that drug deterioration, affecting the use of drugs.

In view of the shortcomings of the prior art, the purpose of this utility model is to provide a medical composite film with strong and continuous sterilization effect, and can take into account the good heat insulation and self-cleaning properties. In order to achieve the above purpose, to provide a left to right set of antibacterial layer, aluminum foil substrate layer, anti-static layer including heat insulation layer and self-cleaning layer medical composite film, said antibacterial layer for the nanosilver antibacterial layer, said heat insulation layer for the ceramic fiber layer, said self-cleaning layer for the nanometer titanium dioxide layer.

New, compared with the existing technology, the antibacterial layer is set, so that the medical composite film has a strong and lasting antibacterial, effectively avoid the medical composite film infected with external bacteria; anti-static layer exists to ensure that the medical composite film does not adsorb bacteria, impurities, etc.; anti-aging layer can not only effectively prevent strong ultraviolet radiation on the drug, aging, foot color and other problems, but also has excellent adhesion and surface hardness, improve the The overall strength of the composite film provides a certain adhesion for the setting of the heat insulation layer, so that the heat insulation layer and the anti-aging layer fit more closely and firmly The heat insulation layer can play a good role in heat insulation to avoid the deterioration and dissolution of drugs when placed at higher temperatures and affect the self-cleaning layer of medication, so that the composite film as a whole maintains a certain degree of cleanliness during storage, transportation and use to avoid contamination by external spoils.

The above introduction is the advantages of medical composite film, for more related knowledge, feel free to contact us! We have many years of experience in producing medical laminated films and look forward to your joining us at any time!