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06 Dec,2022

What are the advantages of the materials used in the manufacture of medical coated paper compared to the general packaging bags? According to the personnel, the medical coated paper material should be a paper form of packaging made of polyethylene, paper, aluminum and platinum with food public cardboard as raw material. It is a high-tech food preservation method, refers to a packaging technology under aseptic conditions, that is, under the premise that the packaging, the packaged items and packaging auxiliary equipment are sterile, the liquid food being packaged after a short period of time, and then terminate the filling and sealing.

1. The transparent film of medical coated paper is composed of multi-layer composite film with good bacteria barrier function, long storage time, sealed tightly in 150~180 sealing pressure sealer and dwell time; thermogenic test, bacterial culture test, chemical indication card test, etc. All types of items meet the requirements.

2. medical coated paper has good penetrating power, can let the gas safely penetrate, and at the same time can discharge the cold atmosphere inside the bag to achieve better results; good drainage, 56~70g per square meter of paper-plastic packaging material, and the drainage of medical coated paper will not produce the component of condensation after steam; in the process of low temperature drying and cooling, the paper has good toughness and will not crack.

3. In the medical coated paper below, there is a pressure steam chemical color change indicator. You can indirectly write the title, date, expiration date, operator's name and examiner's name on the paper, eliminating the trouble of applying chemical indicator tape and various labels.

4. The use of medical coated paper reduces the cost of various infrequently used bags and the consumption of items; due to the short storage time of items in the past, expired items need to be cleaned and packed from the beginning. The packaging requires replacing suture needles, threads, tips, cleaned wrapping cloths, putting chemical indicator cards in the bag, putting chemical indicator tape on the outside of the bag, and adding the cost of sterilization cores from the beginning.

The control rate of many uncommon sterile bags is relatively low compared to the increase in the types of procedures and sterile bags, but it is still a time-consuming and laborious task for the various clinical departments to salvage. Packed up with medical coated paper, not only preserved for a long time, but also can be readily available for clinical application without duplication, reducing consumption.

Among the root causes of medical coated paper breakage are as follows:

Plastic surface damage:

The main reason is that the sharps inside the medical coated paper package are not well maintained or the maintenance cap is scattered, resulting in the sharps poking out from the broken bag.

Scratched by external objects:

1. The main reason is that the sharpener is not well maintained or maintenance cap scattered, resulting in sharpener poking out of the medical coating paper.

2. scratched by external objects.

3. Daily task staff in self-reflection or clean disinfection equipment cabinet when the hand wet, resulting in paper wet.

4. The actual operation of the actual operator is not reasonable, such as picking up a corner or specific content is too heavy to cause paper breakage, resulting in medical coating paper rupture.